Soul Regression

Stacy is a certified soul regression therapist. She is honored to guide you through this experience to explore your soul self. 


Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression work is a powerful way to learn more about yourself and bring conscious awareness to the root cause(s) of your life’s challenges and receive healing energy toward resolving any blocks you may be experiencing.


In Soul Realignment sessions, Stacy gathers the information from your Akashic records to reveal your soul self to you, in Soul Regression sessions Stacy guides you into a trance state and assists you in gathering information yourself, giving you a DIRECT experience of your soul.

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The Temple of Healing Light

Stacy has created a pathway to the answers you seek through the combination of Soul Regression Therapy and Energy Healing within the Temple of Healing Light experience.  Please visit the sister site to view the information about this offering and to sign up.








The Temple of Healing Light






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with Soul Regression and Reiki






Heal Your Ancestral Wounds Workshop

Join Stacy for this extended journey through your akashic records, and those of your ancestors, to heal and release the trauma that has been inflicted in this lifetime and past lifetimes for yourself, your family, your soul tribe, and the world.

This is a powerful way to gain consciousness around the karmic issues that are at play in your life and to clear the record for lasting healing and wholeness within you and within your family systems.



Workshop begins August 8th but you have until August 22nd to sign up and get started. The first community zoom will be September 5th.


$745 to receive access to all sessions and instructional zooms


The Temple Fire Talks



Tuesdays at Noon Pacific time

LIVE on Zoom (replays available)

Stacy will be sharing with attendees some wisdom and energetic transmissions to assist in preparing people for their soul regression experiences and to provide a community space for continued communications and integration.

To see the full list of discussion topics for this 7-session series please see the sister site to purchase access to all the sessions, or look in the store to purchase the sessions individually.



or purchase individually for $32

What is a "Soul Regression"?

Soul Regression is a therapeutic technique that has been developed over the past several decades by psychologists and clinical hypnotists like Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Linda Backman, Dr. Brian Weiss, Robert Schwartz, and Andy Tomlinson, for the purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to explore their current life, their choices and challenges, and their true purpose through the lense of their immortal energetic soul. 


This is accomplished by facilitators trained in techniques that encourage a deep state of relaxation known as the Theta State.  This is a conscious state which allows the individual to access information and experiences via what is often called ‘non-ordinary reality’.  A liminal state between fully awake and fully asleep in which an individual can maintain conscious understanding while their body and mind remains quite relaxed and focused on the inward experience.


Undertaking a soul regression is a powerful way to find the answers to the questions you have always had about your specific life through a direct experience of your own soul. All in a completely safe environment (in this case, your own home!) and without the need to use mind or mood altering substances to achieve.

Defining the language of experience

In the context of this therapeutic practice, the word “regression” simply signifies that the individual is accessing their own memories and experiences from an earlier time – whether that time is from this lifetime or a previous one will depend on the individual and the questions asked.  In the same vain, the term “hypnosis” means assisting the individual to obtain a deeply relaxed state by speaking slowly and methodically. This deep state of relaxation is often referred to as being in a “trance state” – which is the liminal space between sleeping and waking. At no time does the individual “lose touch” with the world around them or their own physical body or surroundings.  More so, at no time is the individual at risk of being unable to utilize their own free will and has the ability to “rouse” themself from their relaxed state at any point.

What happens during a Soul Regression session?

The Past Life Soul Regression process:


  • First is the Relaxation process to assist your mind and body to access your own intuitive abilities
  • Next you are guided through an experiential understanding of a past life that has a direct connection to your life today
  • From there, you will be joined by your Higher Self or Spirit Guide to help you process the past life you just reviewed

The Between Lives Soul Regression process:


  • Includes all the above AND
  • your guide will escort you to a meeting with your Council of Elders – the group of wise and benevolent souls that have willingly and lovingly agreed to be active participants in your soul’s development
  • In this meeting you will be given specific information about your soul and will be able to ask any questions you have about your current life and how your life planning before your incarnation plays into the experiences you have had and the challenges you have met
  • You will be offered the opportunity to receive a deep healing and cleansing of your soul energy from the members of your Council and/or other Beings of Light

Immediately after each session:


  • You will be returned to a normal waking state to process your experience with the facilitator

Stacy also offers Soul Realignment.  Learn about the difference between these two modalities on this short video