Family Milestone

Family Ceremonies are wide ranging and highly under-rated (or even ignored altogether) in American society today.  In many cultures, the stages of family life and togetherness are celebrated with great passion and an understanding of the depth of connectedness that the meaning of “Family” encompasses. 


Regardless of your background, culture, and/or spiritual beliefs, your Family is the tribal group in which you find belonging, love, and acceptance or rejection.  Whether you classify your family as those who share your same genetic bonds, those whom you have chosen to walk the path of life with as more than friends, or a blending of the two, your family is a compilation of the persons (and sometimes animal companions) who bring meaning to your life and are unique to your life path.


Because of the myriad stages of life and the transitions and transformations that occur within this unique group, Family Ceremonies are an important aspect of life that are, sadly, often over-looked in today’s hectic American world-view. 


In American society, fewer and fewer families remember what it means to honor the voice that is uniquely theirs as a tribal group.  Celebrations are often created to focus on the individual while leaving out the connection to the whole.  In a Celebrant planned Family Ceremony, this connection is also celebrated and honored and a voice is given to the transitional stage that the individual is experiencing as well as to the family as a group.

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“I believe that our world will become a better place when we take the responsibility to slow down this pace and remember to honor the cyclic changes that naturally occur within our family life and as a Celebrant I am committed to assisting you along this path.“

Examples of Family Milestones

There are many times of transition in family life that you might wish to consider honoring with a ceremony:


Giving a Child a Name
Adoption of a Child
Coming of Age~Puberty Rites of Passage
Adoption of an Adult as your Child, Sibling, or Elder
A Divorce Ceremony for Healing & Transition
Illness Survivor Ceremonies
Elder Honoring
Blessing of Your Home
Celebration of a Lasting Marriage Union


These times, and others not listed here, are moments in your family life that deserve to be honored through ceremonial acknowledgement of the changes that are occurring.  If you would like to discuss the possibilities for honoring a time of transition in your family, please call or email Stacy to discuss your needs.


  • Family Centered Ceremonies $250 - $650