About Stacy Mitchell

Stacy provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve balance and wholeness in your life and create ceremonies of love, laughter, honor, and healing within your life. Stacy’s practice as a healer and ceremony celebrant has given her the opportunity to learn and to grow in this process so she can serve the needs of others more fully.


Stacy fully believes in the right of all human beings to hold their own moral, ethical, and spiritual beliefs without interference or intimidation.  All of her work is rooted in respect for the beliefs, values, and free-will choices of her clients.


She also has deep respect for the land upon which she walks, and is honored to serve people from all walks of life and all corners of the world on the Central Coast of California, the traditional ancestral homeland of the Chumash Nation


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Stacy’s Healing Experience


Stacy’s personal background

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In the early 2000’s while in her mid to late twenties, Stacy was surprised by the number of friends and acquaintances who began to ask her to create and facilitate end of life ceremonies for them.  These requests were seemingly “out of the blue” to her mind, but it became clear that others could see a potential in her that she was not conscious of before and this caused her to set out on a journey to secure training in ceremonial leadership not based in any specific religious or spiritual system.  After much soul searching and researching, Stacy determined that the path of Celebrancy was the best fit for her as this training is secular in form yet inclusive to all beings and beliefs.


In June of 2005, Stacy graduated from the CelebrantUSA Foundation & Institute after completing a nine-month Celebrancy certification course with special emphasis on Ceremonies of Healing and Transition focused on Funeral Celebrancy. Stacy is ordained from the ULC to ensure her legal standing as a wedding officiant. She also completed Celebrancy certification for Ceremonies Across the Life-Cyle in 2016.


For many years Stacy was the only certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® in Missouri where she had the pleasure of officiating many ceremonies. Each ceremony was distinctly unique, and she fell in love with working with creative, caring, and often spiritually enlightened people of many different backgrounds.


In April of 2010, Stacy relocated with the love of her life to Calabasas, California. Absolutely thrilled to be a practicing Celebrant in an ethnically and culturally diverse area just 15 minutes from Malibu Beach!


A year later, a new adventure began. After their January 2011 wedding, they relocated back to her husband’s hometown just minutes from Pismo Beach. Stacy was excited to continue officiating beach weddings, funerals, and other types of ceremonies in one of the most beautiful areas in the world!


In 2013, Stacy was selected as a faculty member of her alma mater, now known as the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. She is happy to have been given this opportunity for several years to pass on to her Celebrant students all that she could share in sections on Funeral Celebrancy, Ceremonies for Healing, and the Fundamentals of Celebrancy to amazing and talented people from all over North America and the world.


To the present day, Stacy continues to live, love, and work in San Luis Obispo County, CA.  And is a member in good standing of the Celebrant Alumni Association.

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In October of 2004, Stacy was invited to attend a class on an energy healing technique from Japan called Reiki.  Although she was not familiar with this modality, she agreed to participate because she knew the instructor, Edna “Ande” Ryneveld, to be an upstanding business professional and her curiousity was peaked to hear she was offering a class about ‘energy healing’.  This class changed Stacy’s life by giving her an easily accessible tool for healing self and others.  At the end of this class, Stacy knew she wanted to complete the second level class as well, little did she know that this would only be the beginning of the journey, not the end.


After completing the Second Degree of Usui Reiki in November of 2005, Ande encouraged her to practice Reiki daily for herself and others in preparation for continuing the initiation process.  Although she was skeptical of that, for three years, Stacy did continue deepening her relationship to being a Reiki practitioner by offering Reiki healing energy to anyone willing to accept it, whether human or animal, and establishing a daily self-Reiki practice which lead to many positive benefits, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In December of 2008, Stacy was initiated as a traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  Through this process, she is fully qualified to pass Reiki energy to her students and she has always taken this responsibility seriously.


In 2010, Stacy became an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).  She remains in good standing.


After moving to California, Stacy decided to follow the inner guidance which had been whispering to her for many years to become a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and she was initiated in this process in September 2013 by Beverly DeWitt Moylan.


To Stacy’s great delight, the timing of this class made her eligible for a Karuna Reiki Master’s Retreat held by Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird at Peace Place in Sedona, AZ.  And there was no question in her mind that she belonged in that retreat so she signed up immediately.  Once again, Reiki would change the course of her life!


The Karuna Reiki Master’s Retreat in February 2014 coincided with the emergence of the Holy Fire Reiki energy.  At the request of William Rand of the ICRT, the assembled group of Reiki Master’s became the “test group” (so to speak) for how to work with this new energy, especially in respect to the Master – Student relationship.  It was in this retreat that Stacy received the ignitions necessary to become a Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher.  The Holy Fire energy continues to evolve as does our understanding of it. Stacy stays updated on any changes to the teaching protocols and has periodically received “energetic upgrades” as offered by the ICRT. 


In 2015 Stacy was called to become a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki Practitioner as developed and taught by Cori Nielsen.

Stacy was initiated by don Oscar Miro-Quesada onto the path of the Universal Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in 2016.


In 2018 Stacy was certified in a healing modality that helps one to access their soul’s potential through the akashic record as a Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner.  Stacy has been amazed at the depth of healing offered through this system and is thrilled to offer it to you either as a stand alone service or in conjunction with Reiki.


During the pandemic, Stacy was also lead to add certification in the Egyptian Energy Healing and Pythagorean Healing techniques taught by Dr Shelley Kaehr to her capabilities. As well as certification as a Soul Regression Therapist from the Ravenheart Center Stay tuned for more updates to her website regarding this phenomenal way of accessing information about your soul directly from source – YOU – through past life and between lives regression sessions.


Through the years, Stacy has felt privileged to learn from many amazing teachers.  Her healing, and her ceremonial, practice benefits from an eclectic mix of people, all who have been willing to share their hard earned knowledge and life wisdom with others.  For which Stacy is truly grateful and is committed to ‘paying forward’ with this same spirit of openness and humility.

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Stacy holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Drury University in Springfield, MO. She has more than 12 years experience in real estate sales and leasing. She is devoted to volunteer work in domestic violence recovery, Native American prisoner and probationer rehabilitation, restorative justice programs, and the support of multi-cultural diversity programs and services.


In 2015, a lifelong dream to become a CASA (court-appointed special advocate) to be the voice of neglected and abused children became a reality and she is an active volunteer in this capacity for CASA of San Luis Obispo County.


She is the team leader of the all volunteer Energy Balancing clinic at Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC) in San Luis Obispo, CA, where patients and community members may receive free Reiki sessions to complement the medical and support services offered for their cancer journey.

As someone with the blood of many nations inside her (Cherokee, English, French, German, Welsh and more!), Stacy strongly believes in inclusiveness and supporting the individual’s path in discovering what is contained within them that connects each to their Higher Self and to each other in the unified field of consciousness.


Stacy follows the spiritual teachings of her indigenous elders to the best of her ability. She is honored to be entrusted with the spiritual beliefs and practices of her Cherokee relatives and her adopted families of the Lakota Nation and other Native Peoples, such as the Chumash and the Mayan, as they have welcomed her into their ceremonies and practices.


Stacy does not sell these beliefs nor her own traditional customs and rituals. Her choice to become a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® is based on the desire to help you discover and create Ceremonies that reflect your beliefs and values, not her own.

Stacy is here to serve your needs in finding healing and wholeness and to honor your voice in ceremony.  Please take a look at her Services and contact her if you need assistance to learn more about this process.