Soul Realignment / Akashic Records

Soul Realignment® is a specific system of accessing the Akashic Records (the Book of Life) for empowerment and healing. This system looks at your Divine Soul Blueprint – who you are at the soul level – and what choices you have made that have and have not been congruent to who you are at soul level.


This reading of the Akashic records gives the individual a wealth of information about past and present life patterns and provides avenues for clearing patterns that do not support your growth as a Divine Being in human form.


Stacy is a certified Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner.

This powerful reading is in three parts:

First, during checkout provide Stacy with specific information about yourself in order for her to locate your specific Akashic record.  Stacy will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your order when your reading will be ready and available appointment times.


Second, Stacy will conduct the requested reading(s)  and contact you by email to schedule your (typically) one-hour consultation by phone or zoom.


Third, after you have received the reading Stacy will provide you with tools for you to utilize to continue the clearing work necessary to integrate the knowledge you have gained from the reading.


Soul Realignment® Sessions are available by phone or video conference.  Note:  all combo sessions also virtual only at this time.


Please note that for each of these session options all adults must be consenting participants to the process – only minor dependent children (under 18yo) and adult dependents may be read for without their express permission and participation. (Spousal relationship exception to this rule may apply on individual case basis – please describe in form comments).


It is expected that you will honor the privacy of others and respect Stacy’s ethical standards. She will provide information pertaining to requests made on behalf of yourself or your minor child, but not on other adults who have not consented to have their Akashic Record accessed.


Please be aware that providing false or misleading information to circumvent this standard will result in an inability to locate the record or, worse, the production of a misdirected record which will not give correct information in return.


It is encouraged that all clients START with the Soul Realignment Reading and then dig deeper into the  process of healing your Karma and releasing blocks to your truest Self with further exploration if and when you feel ready.


In addition to Soul Realignment Sessions, you will also find Money Saving Combination Sessions. 


There is a form to complete on the checkout page should you decide you are ready to book your appointment. 

Soul Realignment Sessions

Money Saving Combination Sessions!

Stacy also offers Soul Regression Therapy.  Learn about the difference between these two modalities on this short video