Reiki Sessions and Classes

Reiki (“Ray – key”) is a Japanese healing art that utilizes gentle touch on fully clothed individuals to bring relaxation and deep healing opportunities to the recipient.


The practitioner, through the teachings of a Reiki Master, has been given the ability to “tap into” the energy field that surrounds all life (known to some as Ki, Chi, or Prana) and allow that energy to flow into the recipient to help balance and restore their personal energy field subject to the control of the receiving individual’s Higher Self.


Reiki complements all medical and psychological treatments, and is utilized in many hospitals and hospice programs throughout the United States, and the World over, for persons in any state of health.


Stacy has been a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher since 2008, and has been initiated to Master/Teacher level in three forms of Reiki: Usui, Karuna®, and Holy Fire®. She is also an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). 


She is happy to offer individual and group Reiki sessions for humans and animals, as well as Reiki classes for all levels. 


For individual sessions Stacy often also incorporates other alternative healing modalities such as sound or color therapy and crystals.


Schedule a Reiki session or register for a number of classes and workshops. 

currently all sessions and classes are virtual

For Money Saving Combination Sessions take a look at the SOUL REALIGNMENT page.

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