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Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams is often more challenging than one originally imagines.  A Wedding consists not just of the dream of the Bride-to-Be, but also the dreams, beliefs, values, & traditions of the Groom and those of two separate and distinct families.  Add in to this the aspect of community inclusion, and what you have is a wonderous, and not to mention stressful, challenge to create a day that will meet and exceed the dreams and expectations of each participant to your union!

Many couples become so caught up and over-whelmed by this challenge that they fail to realize just how important it is to have someone they can trust and turn to for assistance from the start of this journey towards Sacred Union.  In fact, most often, a Bride & Groom will choose their Wedding Officiant at the end of their planning, or sometimes even as an "after-thought" because they do not realize that there are people in their community who are trained to assist them in bringing all their dreams, beliefs, and traditions into the Ceremonial elements of their wedding day!

This is the Beauty of having a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®
 officiate your wedding!

My mission as your Wedding Celebrant is to help you create not only the day of your dreams, but to assist you in creating a Ceremony that reflects your beliefs, values, and traditions in a way that honors each of you as individuals and as the couple you are becoming.   Regardless of whether you desire a private, intimate joining or a large celebration of your union, your Ceremony should reflect all that you are and all that you intend to become together.

We will accomplish this together through in-depth interviews and discussions of symbolism, rituals, and traditions with each of you as individuals and as a couple to help me craft a customized Wedding Ceremony that Honors Your Voice and your dreams of this day in all ways and is meaningful to this life-joining you have chosen to enter into together. 

Don't Forget Your Marriage License!

Obtaining a marriage license is quite easy and in San Luis Obispo County you may appear at the courthouse in Atascadero or San Luis Obispo to begin the process.

In San Luis Obispo County you also have the option of applying for a confidential license. A public marriage license is good for 90 days from issue date and may be used anywhere in the state of California, the confidential marriage license (among other important restrictions) must be used in the issuing county only and the parties must already be living together in a spousal relationship. Regardless of what type of marriage license you choose to apply for, I am happy to accomodate any couple who would prefer a confidentiality agreement be signed to protect your privacy.

The Apache Wedding Prayer

Now you will feel no rain,

for each of you will be shelter for the other.

Now you will feel no cold,

for each will be warmth for the other

Now you will feel no loneliness,

for each of you will be companion to the other.

Now you are two persons,

but there are three lives before you:

his life, her life, and your life together.

May beauty surround you both

on the journey ahead and through all the years.

May happiness be your companion

to the place where the river meets the sun.

Go now to your dwelling

to enter into the days of your life together.

And may your days be good

And long upon the earth.

~Author Unknown


The Celebrant process of assisting you in creating your Wedding Ceremony will consist of:


Meeting with you individually and as a couple to discuss your vision of what the Ceremony should consist of and to suggest to you rituals, symbolism, and traditions that you might wish to include in your special day that will reflect your desires and unique personalities.


If desired, I will interview individuals important to you to learn of personal stories and information that may be included in the Ceremony.


Assisting you in choosing from readings and/or prayers, music, rituals, and customs from your desired traditions that reflect your beliefs and values.


Composing  the complete Ceremony.


Assisting you in writing personalized vows if desired.


Working with other service providers you have chosen to ensure the Ceremony is what you desire it to be.


Consultations with you by phone, email, and in-person until the Ceremony created meets with your satisfaction.


Officiating at the Wedding we have co-created at the venue of your choosing.


Presenting you with a typed and bound keepsake copy of the Ceremony within one week of the service.

General rate information can be found on the FAQs page Please call or email to schedule your FREE in-person consultation.


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 A Dakota legend tells about the origin of the yellow pond lily common in North America. A Star Maiden came down from the night sky and wanted to live with the Dakota. The chief, Red Strawberry Man, sent his son with the maiden to consult the tribe's advisor who lived across the lake. While rowing across the lake in the darkness, the son's canoe hit a log and the Star Maiden tumbled into the waters. In the morning, the first yellow water lily appeared at the same spot.
~Waverly Fitzgerald

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